What makes a WheelUp Soundsystem?

We are currently running 2 WheelUp Soundsystem bins, WheelUp versions 2 and 2.1, which consists of the following:

  • 15" 1000W subwoofer, more than enough power to make the party bounce
  • 6" x 9" 300W midrange speaker or 4 lots of  4" 150W speakers
  • 4" Tweeters, fitted on the sides
  • 1200W 4 channel amplifiers
  • 3 Way Crossover Signal spliting unit
  • DJ mixing console, run from USB drive or iOS device
  • Under perimeter LED lighting
  • 2 x Disco lights at head height to create a dance floor
  • Multicolour laser, because why not?
  • Portable Dub Siren, standard
  • The largest leisure batteries we can buy

Other features include:

  • Pop-up lid for optimum speaker and lighting placement
  • Battery powered Vinyl Turntables, so the purists can spin wax on the WheelUp
  • Window, so you can see the DJ in action
  • Strengthened casing to ensure less rattle, and best performance
  • Switch control unit with integrated battery status level
  • USB charging sockets, for when your phone battery is on its last legs
  • Lots of hype, to get a party started, anywhere