We are the WheelUp Soundsystem

Axel Lewis and DubRoot (Henry) have been playing with music and equipment since 2007, sharing both of their passions for bass driven music.

Together they have over 25 years of DJing and music making experience and in 2013, after years of building make-shift soundsystems out of whatever equipment they could find, built the first WheelUp Soundsystem and debuted this at Shambala Festival that same year.

After it's instant success, version 2.0 was planned and built, bigger and better, ready for 2014.  Now in 2018 and after many parties and festivals, upgrades are constant to maximise output power and battery life.  The WheelUp Soundsystem collective continues to grow.

In 2017 the crew started concentrating on building a traditional reggae style soundsystem for larger events. This continues to grow and improve and provides the sound for events we host. See the Events page and social media websites for more info.